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Founder / Head Producer

From the financial world, to create what Palmar Productions is today; Gonzalo Ramirez knows what it means to change from one world to another and how to adapt and really listen to an audience. This Mexican director and producer has stood out for his dynamic, unique, and aspirational style and has positioned himself in the world of content creation, video and photography.


He is one of those people who are moved by creativity, who is always one step further, and who over the years has created more than just a company, but a family. Since 2018, he has been determined to twist videography, always seeking to communicate through sound, music, and transitions.

He has directed projects for amazing brands, such as Corona, Grupo Bimbo, Pepsi, Ikea, H&M Mexico and shortfilms. As time passes by, his expertise grows and today, we can witness firsthand that when you are passionate about something, in the long run, everything is worth it. 

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Juan Pablo Caso has been in the creative world for several years now. 
As manager of one of the most influential brands in the country, this marketer expanded his expertise until he became one of the key members in the history of Palmar.

Passionate about photography, Juan Pablo has shown that being a leader is synonymous with being a teacher. Juan Pablo has directed and produced several productions for the most amazing brands in the market. Such as Grupo Bimbo, Calvin Klein, Ikea, Sony, and so many others.


Over the years, he has trained several members who are now part of the company, becoming more than a boss - but a mentor - With and without the camera. 

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Co-Founder / Head Creative

Michelle started out in publishing as one of the youngest digital editors of her generation. Since almost 9 years ago she has worked in different sectors of the beauty industry, such as magazines, public relations for luxury brands, the creative sector, and production.


Four years ago, this passionate about writing, photography, and design; became one of the founders of Palmar Productions, and today, she is in charge of the entire creative department, developing digital campaigns for all kinds of brands. Her creativity is unique and her talent for communication and words is outstanding. She has created iconic campaigns for brands such Lancôme, H&M, and Calvin Klein, among others. 

She´s one of those people whose mind is running in ways not everybody understands, but those amazing ideas, are usually translated into content and campaigns that set the bar too high.




Salvador is one of those people who really know how to understand human beings. Since his arrival, the company has been different, in a good way.

Salvador is an analytical and strategic person who combines the emotional and human side with a marketing and strategy persona. 

He has worked for more than six years in the field of advertising,  media, and digital marketing strategies.


Today, he is part of Palmar and Taco Banana as COO, thanks to his ability to coordinate and deliver. He has become the perfect link between the production studio and agency; which we are very grateful for.





An old soul; That’s Adolfo.

He´s been here since it all started, always with a smile on his face and ready to kick ass when it comes to financial affairs. From finances, he has transitioned into an entrepreneur; with the eye of a foodie and very good taste when it comes to 80's music.  He joined us since it all began, and has a very special place in Palmar. 


Today he´s in charge of the financial department, keeping our business in such a good care. 


Executive Producer

Lalo is the office getter. The problem solver.

He has a unique ability to get, anything, anywhere, and anytime. This native of Guadalajara solves our lives as Executive Producer and has worked in the medium with different production studios, directors, and videographers;


He has been part of the team for a while now and little by little he wins over everyone's hearts.



Commercial Director

Graduated from the International Business Career, this lover of life has traveled the world, known cultures, lived abroad, and has gained the experience necessary to become a machine when it comes to selling. 

She´s been working in sales for almost 6 years, as business growth and developer.  Today, she leads the commercial team, bringing to the table, amazing deals, ideas and proposals. 


Creative Producer

During his professional experience, he´s developed a robust knowledge and passion for the audiovisual industry, being able to execute strategies involving producing, selling, networking, working with creative teams, and getting a clear timeline on projects and results. That being said, his passion lies in content. Everything around what people consume and how they consume it has always interested him and has made him a storyteller with a strong business side. 

Production Studio based in Mexico City.

Palmar Prod. 

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PalmarProductions_ THETEAM.

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